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Monday, 10 May 2010

To disable Chinese / Japanese auto-Characters – Android Emulator

Sometimes, when you are using the emulator, even if you type English characters, the emulator will be suggesting based on some Chinese /Japanese characters (I do not know the difference between the two). To disable this you need to go to Phone Settings in the emulator menus and remove the Japanese IME Settings. The path to that is in the main screen, click on the up-arrow (seen at the bottom) to see the menu. Select “settings”, navigate to “Language & Keyboard Settings”, and uncheck “Japanese IME”. You will be back to English suggestions / keyboard.


  1. Your tutorial is very much helpful and easy to understand.
    i want localization in android with example.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. thanks, it worked..

  3. Thanks, it solved an annoying problem I faced whenever I wanted to type English in EditText.

  4. Thanks a lot, it really helped, not sure why android emulator is forcing japanise/chinese language as default.

  5. Thanks so much. I can't tell you how annoying those suggestions were during debugging.

  6. Brilliant. That's been driving me nuts for weeks!

  7. woop woop!!!!!!

  8. Thanks. This is very helpful