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Monday, 5 October 2009

Eclipse Set up and New Android Project

The first steps of configuring Eclipse to create android applications and the steps involved in creating a first android project are very well described in this blog at the screencast site. Hence I am not repeating the same here.


  1. Hi sai geetha
    I am beginner android application developer.
    I have done lot of apps in eclipse on emulator and device also.But now it is giving error at the time of running project on emulator.It is working on device phone but on emulator it is giving following error,

    [2011-08-02 11:14:00 - hello1] ------------------------------
    [2011-08-02 11:14:00 - hello1] Android Launch!
    [2011-08-02 11:14:00 - hello1] adb is running normally.
    [2011-08-02 11:14:00 - hello1] Performing com.mahiways.Hello1.Hello1Activity activity launch
    [2011-08-02 11:14:00 - hello1] Automatic Target Mode: launching new emulator with compatible AVD 'myemu'
    [2011-08-02 11:14:00 - hello1] Launching a new emulator with Virtual Device 'myemu'

    [2011-08-02 11:14:01 - Emulator] PANIC: Could not open: C:\Users\hallo\.android/avd/myemu.ini

    plz give solution on this problem.

  2. Aloha...

    I don't know a thing about Android programming, but a wild guess: Is it because you changed direction on your slashes? Some go this way \ and some go this way / in the line


  3. Hey may be you have updated your Android, Because New one is facing problem while mentioning SDK path, It can not understand spaces. Give path without spaces or use like this


    This can solve your problem

  4. Hi,

    Your compile time error is myemu.ini becuase of not picking this item from your directory of sdk. Make sure to place your sdk under c:/android/your directory....

    i got emulator.exe error i used this technique to fix error

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  7. how to download ADT Plugin 16 zip file ??

    1. only ADT 21 is avilable now..plz help me..

  8. Hi sai geetha
    I am beginner android application developer.
    Now am developing Remote accessing from server to client, and display the data onto the client system.
    can you please give me any guidance regarding this remote accessing......


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  10. hai geetha.. i am new in eclipse.. can u teach me how i can create file .aidl using eclipse?