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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Multiple Ways of Programming for Android

These seem to be more than one way to program for the Android devices.

The first and the most common way is by using the Software Development Kit (SDK) using Java Syntax. This is what I have been talking about in all the earlier posts and tutorials.

The other 3 interesting ways, I believe, are:
2. Native Development Kit using C / C ++. This I am sure many are aware of and would be using to some extent. This is a little more closer to the OS, not running on top of the virtual Machine.
3. RenderScript using C99 - used to write faster graphics code like the Google Books page turn animation etc.
4. Android Scripting Layer using Python etc.

Interesting options, right?


  1. how to know the memory usage of an application which is written in ndk?

  2. is there any way to get page turn effect in android

  3. Adobe AIR is also a way to create Android applications.
    btw, not only Android, but for several mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Plackberry Playbook) at one time. :)

  4. can u please provide us an example . .

  5. I feel over next couple of years, HTML5 and JS will replace most of the above options, using Native calls only where required

  6. Please can you provide content on FBconnect and for twitter connect

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  8. Thanks. This post led me thinking, and I wrote a bit more extending your article, on the same subject. Also one can look at using Qt for Android. Developing for Android: HTML5 and Qt
    Thanks for feeding my thought process :)

  9. hey please help me i lost my keystore file but i know all the details like password,alias etc

    how can i generate same keystore from this so that i can update my application with newer version on android market

    currently its not accepting my apk file on market

    please help me

  10. Add one more to the List

    Appcelerator Titanium

    one of my Fav framework for cross platform mobile development framework.

  11. in android when i click on the button i should get another activity in that i want some, when i click on google button i want the description of the google in the another activity. using sqlite db in this how can i get the doc files into android is there any option to save such file and get the path of it plz help me out how to work out on this. thanks in advance.


  12. You also have Adobe AIR + Flex

  13. really loved your blog. but your new theme is very difficult to navigate through.

  14. loved ur blog

    android 4.0 features

    leak pics of 4.0

  15. Hi friends,

    i am a new guy to android platform and today i try to run my application in emulator that we get the error messages in eclipse console window . errors are.......

    [2011-10-28 11:32:20 - calculator] Uploading calculator.apk onto device 'emulator-5554'
    [2011-10-28 11:32:21 - calculator] Installing calculator.apk...
    [2011-10-28 11:32:22 - calculator] Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE
    [2011-10-28 11:32:22 - calculator] Please check logcat output for more details.
    [2011-10-28 11:32:22 - calculator] Launch canceled!

    please help to me asap

  16. How about Phonegap with JavaScript and HTML5? I believe it's pretty advanced.

  17. True, there are a lot of options with HTML and JavaScript like Phonegap. These are all frameworks that are built using the innate ways of programming provided by Android.
    There are many other frameworks too like App Mobi, Widget Pad and there are other frameworks that generate native apps like MonoDroid, Titanium Appcelarator, MoSync, RhoMobile Rhodes, Ansco Corona etc.

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