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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Android Developers Blog: Android 3.0 Platform Preview and Updated SDK Tools

Android Developers Blog: Android 3.0 Platform Preview and Updated SDK Tools

Being in the domain of developing applications for large enterprises, what looks to me as interesting features of Android 3.0:
1. Enhancements for the Enterprise such as encrypted storage and password expiration!
2. And a UI Framework to suit larger screen devices.

Currently any enterprise that develops mobile applications has to duplicate its efforts towards developing and testing on each of the platforms like Android, Windows, Blackberry, iPhone etc. (Though I know there are a host of "write-once, deply on multi-platforms' options like AppMobi, Monotouch, Corona from Anscamobile, they need to mature a lot more). I hope this will help in consolidating development effort towards: "write once, run anywhere" for mobile devices.

I am looking at the Android market picking up rapidly and becoming the de-facto JVM equivalent in the mobile space...

How easy could life get with writing an app for one mobile and bingo! it works on all possible mobile devices that exist!! or at least majority of them! :)


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