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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Google launches Android 2.2 SDK

Google launches Android 2.2 SDK - - formerly

Hmm... a new version of the SDk is out! The article above highlights one of the features - the ability to move applications to SD Card thus giving more space for mote applications to be accommodated on an Android mobile.
This is a minor release and yet there are quite a few noteworthy features, some of them listed below:
1. Multiple keyboard languages - a user can switch between languages by swiping across the spacebar
2. The android mobile can be used as a protable Wi-Fi hotspot from which 8 devices can connect.
3. The camera and gallery have been enhanced with a new UI for controlling zoom, focus, flash, exposure etc.
4. Some of the new platform technologies introduced are a new media framework - Stagefright and bluetooth enhancements
5. For the developers. there are some new APIs introduced in Apps on external storage, Media framework, Camera and camcorder, graphics, data backup, device policy manager and UI framework.

For more details on the above, read the article: Android 2.2 Platform Highlights

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