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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Delete / Remove Android Applications deployed on Emulator

First, make sure the emulator is running. Then follow below steps:

1. Go to the tools directory in command prompt –
2. Type
adb shell
3. #
cd /data/app (this takes you to the folder where all apk files are installed)
#ls (It will display all the .apk installed in your emulator)
5. #
rm ***.apk (which you want to remove, all apk files)
exit (exits from the adb shell)

NOTE: to start the emulator, you can start it from eclipse by right clicking an android project and “run as” an “application” or by going to tools directory at command prompt and typing “emulator –avd <avd_name>”


  1. Dear Sister,

    I do not understand the language you have commented in. Can you please put it in English?

  2. Sai,

    Great job... Keep up the good work. You are providing a great service to newbie Android developers like myself with your tutorials. I just wanted to say thank you!

  3. HAi sai,
    i am getting this error NAND: could not write file,No space left on device.
    what is the solution for this?

  4. thank you very much for this... you should write a book something like "android for dummies". THANKS AGAIN